For your safety: Never leave children or pets alone on your balcony.  

Help us keep your balcony safe and clean: 

  • Please keep your doors and windows locked when you aren't using your balcony. 
  • Note: Barbecues of any type are not to be  use on balconies. They are fire hazards. 
  • Carpets are not allowed on balconies. They can damage the concrete. 
  • Your balcony is not a clothesline. Use a drying rack to dry clothes. 
  • Your balcony is not for storage. It creates a fire hazard and you will be asked to clean it up. 
  • Your balcony is not a home for birds. Do not feed or house birds on your balcony. 
  • Never throw things off of your balcony. You can seriously injure people below or cause property damage. Put cigarette butts in an ashtray; you can be fined for throwing them off your balcony.  
  • If you want a satellite dish on your balcony, follow the steps outlined in “Alterations to Unit”
  • Be mindful when watering your plants or washing your balcony. Do not let the dirty water run off your balcony and drip down on your neighbours' balcony.