Guest Policy

London and Middlesex Community Housing (LMCH) is committed to providing and maintaining housing in a safe and supportive environment to meet the needs of the people we serve in our communities.

Tenants may have visitors or guests visit them in their homes. These might include out-of-town guests, or persons who tenants have personal relationships with that are not part of their households. Tenants are not allowed to make copies of keys, lend visitors their keys, or entry FOBs. Tenants must not allow people into their building or into their home who they do not know. Additionally, tenants should not allow individuals who have been Trespassed into the building or into their home.

Tenants are responsible, and can be held liable, for the actions, behaviours or damaged caused by their visitors. For more information, please contact your Community Relations Worker, Tenant Services Team Lead or Tenant Services Manager. More information can be found in your lease agreement and the Tenant Code of Conduct.