Learn About Each Phase

 Learn About Each Phase

Phase 1 


Phase 1 involves the removal of 18 existing units and constructing “Building A”, a 6-storey building with 53 units. The 6 storey building will be made up of two-, three- and four-bedroom units. We plan to make 20% of these units barrier free to reflect our goal of building more accessible units. There will be a collaborative community space, for our partners to run programming and offer resources to tenants.  

The proposed unit breakdown for Phase 1 is:
1 Bedroom - 3
2 Bedroom - 15
3 Bedroom - 30
4 Bedroom - 5

'Here is the site plan below, with just phase 1 plans. 

Phase 2 

Phase 2 will not be started until phase 1 is complete. It involves the removal of 30 existing townhouse units and constructing "Building B" a 6-story building offering 57 apartment units.

Just like Building A in phase 1, this will include two-, three-, and four-bedroom units. We are planning to make 19% of these units barrier-free and modified for those who need accessible housing.  There will also be a community partner space. 

Phase 2 will also include the building a new basketball court. The basketball court was deemed an important outdoor amenity by tenants. In phase 2 the basketball court will be moved in between the parking lot for Building A and Building B. A new landscaped outdoor green space will also be added in phase two.  

Phase 3