Your Safety

We want you to know the safety of our communities remains
our top priority. LMCH is continuously working to ensure our communities are a safe place for tenants to call home. Everybody has the right to live in a safe community. The safest buildings are where people know their neighbours, participate in social activities and work together for the good of the community.

Who do I call for emergencies?

For life threatening emergencies 
Always Call 911
Any incident involving illegal activities should be reported to the police. 

Safety in your community
Contact the Community Safety Unit:
communitysafetyunit [at] (communitysafetyunit[at]lmch[dot]ca)

To share information that can help Police solve a crime, contact Crime Stoppers at
1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or text CRIMES (274637) keyword "tip252"

To keep you and your community safe: 

  • Do not prop entrances and doors open in apartment buildings. This puts everyone in the building at risk.
  • Keep all hallways clear. It is a fire hazard if you do not. Keeping hallways clear helps to prevent trips and falls. 
  • For apartment living, look into elevators before getting on. If there is someone already in the elevator who makes you uncomfortable, wait for the next one.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked when not in use. 
  • For apartment living, be sure to only buzz people in who you know. 
  • Do not let salespeople or others you don't know into the building or into your home. *LMCH will always notify you of any authorized person who will be visiting your home.
  • Do not give copies of your unit key or entry fob to anyone who does not live with you. 
  • If you lose your keys or fob, let LMCH know right away.
  • Do not leave children home alone unattended. 

Let LMCH know if:

  • If you see light bulbs that are burnt out around your home/apartment building.
  • If there are areas that require snow and ice removal.
  • If you see trees, shrubs, and hedges that need pruning

Safety in your Community


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